Sunday, July 26, 2009


Keaton has made friends with the potty- Yeah! (Or should I say "YES" along with a fist pump and scrunched up face like he does.) Once he decided he was ready, there was no looking back. My mom and I were talking about "laugh-out-loud" moments the other day. I had one today with Keaton. I was pulling clothes out of the dryer and sorting them while he stood by me playing. He spotted a pair of his superman undies and put them up to his face and said in a gentle whisper "Oh...(tender pause) sweet underwear" while giving them a nice nuzzle. There's something extra cute about a little guy in his tighty-whiteys.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stop #2: Homestead 2009

The whole crew.

4th of July. Playing sports...

...and roasting smores before watching fireworks from our balcony.

Blake enjoying some fanta that he bought with money he received from the tooth fairy. (See picture below!)

Uh, okay?! (He's going to kill me.)

Lots of good times with cousins. I'm always impressed that kids can pick up where they left off with cousins and friends that they haven't seen in a long time. It's a great quality, don't you think!?

Uncle Markie and Auntie Katie.

The mastermind of this awesome reunion (the one on the right). Check out Joanna playing Chris in a game of tether ball in the background.

The tooth fairy was nice enough to drop by the Homestead when Blake lost two teeth in two days- his first!

Family relay. We broke out the big guns for these watermelon racers. I think it was a tie.

Raisin' them proud. Watermelon interns.



This dragonfly that Ethan caught was gorgeous! We decided it was best to let something this cool fly away safely.

The kids played kickball a lot in the cul-de-sac outside of our condos. It was a great set up.

In the back of grandpa's truck.

We got to go swimming in the crater. Darren, Blake, and Ethan snorkeled. I took Keaton and Nash to the swimming pool because they weren't old enough to go into the crater water.

The Bailey reunion was awesome...again. We love to see all of our family that we don't get to play with often enough! We are looking forward to the boys being old enough to have cousins come and stay with us during summer break. Bring on the fun! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for planning such a great, memorable time!

Friday, July 17, 2009

After celebrating Grandma and Grandpa Bryan's 50th wedding anniversary, I took the kids up to northern Utah to visit family. Our first stop was at Jill and J-Dog's house. We went non-stop for a few days as we went to Cowabunga Bay (new water park in Sandy), the Hogle Zoo, and Murray pool.

The world's shortest train ride happens to be at the Hogle Zoo. Who knew.

Posers at the zoo. It's probably worth mentioning that you will see Keaton in swim shorts in most- if not all- pictures. He insists on wearing his swim suit every day. Under his pj's is no exception.

Cowabunga Bay was a hit with the kids. We ended up going back for a second helping when Darren joined us a week later!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nashers- All Growed Up

Nash continues to be the world's most awesome baby. Just one look at him on a crazy day and I'm smiling! He is happy medicine. He is rolling around now and he likes to put all toys in his mouth. It's funny when I hold him and he gets all crazy as he is trying to eat my chin. The older boys love to hold him and talk to him. He is very loved.

With Dad at the reunion at Homestead.

With Aunt Katie at the pool.

This personal play land is the BEST! Nash is so good to play and kick in this dome. We take it everywhere.

Diamond Kid Triathlon 2009

I forget that when I upload photos they will be in reverse order- the first one uploaded is the last in line in the end. In the interest of my small chunk of time I will not be putting these photos in the order that they should be in: swim, bike, run... You get it.

* My favorite picture from this day. Ethan reaching out to give Blake a "high five" as he finishes the race. I know that most of you have perfect children who get along day in and day out. My kids have their moments along the hate-to-love spectrum. This is a precious moment on the right wing. Yeah!

The thing I love most about this new tradition is that my kids love to do it and they have fabulous memories of it. How many young 'uns can say they are triathletes? Bring it!