Thursday, August 20, 2009

Married 50 Years- June 2009

How did I miss these? I was going through pictures and came across the snaps I took at G and G Bryan's 50th anniversary celebration. We stayed in a fun condo complex where the kids swam, played shuffle board, mini golfed. We hit Pirate Island Pizza and went out for ice cream with cousins. The boys would be happy just sitting with their cousins...they love them! One night we all got together for family photos. With the exception of one mishap (yes, my kids were part of it), the white shirts with red rock background looked nice. Good idea, Gr. Bryan! We're lucky to have such awesome grandparents who raised awesome kids. I was lucky to snag one of them...

Angelic?! Of course.

Sitting still for (taken just before the "grass stain incident").

Will I ever get enough of this sweet boy?

You won't find a more handsome, on-the-ball group of boys...

The adult table!



...and more cousins.

OUT. Just like that!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yoga Man

I can't get the video to upload! Here are a few still shots of the man in action...
Check out his "downward dog" in the third picture! His new trick is to get into that position and then lift one of his legs!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Video Clip of Nash- Aug 2009

Are you kidding me with how awesome this baby is!!!??? Nash is very content to play on the floor, in his bouncy saucer, in the johnny jumper, and in the high chair. We try to keep him out of the swing or bouncy seat because they don't require him to use his neck muscles as much as the other toys. He is getting stronger and stronger as he's getting older and as we work on his physical therapy. His torticollis is mild- music to our ears!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stop #3: G and G Bailey

Trip to Utah, part III. After Jill's house and Homestead, the boys and I drove to Price to spend the week. The kids were excited to go there to spend time with G and G Bailey. We spent our days outside in the backyard playing croquet and petting Sandy, getting slim and trim with Wii Fit, bowling, catching some eastern Utah sun at the wave pool (had to go there twice!), playing at the dinosaur park, riding bikes at the dirt track, and playing games (huskerdu is our fave). I love that all memories of my home town are so positive for the boys. The icing on the cake for this trip was that cousin Maelynn was there to sweeten up all the fun. She's awesome.