Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ripe 'Ole Age of 7- Blakers

Blake turned the BIG 7. I can't believe how much personality he has acquired in that short of time. His moods can range from super lovey-dovey to confident and cool. He seems to be the ring leader of "ideas" with friends at school and in the neighborhood. I'd probably worry more about him if he wasn't so smart. (Maybe that is why I should worry!) We were watching him in a flag football game recently and one of our friends asked if Darren or I were as confident as a 2nd grader as Blakers. I don't recall making friends as easily or smooth talking my mom quite so well. I don't remember making money selling rocks or outwitting older neighbor friends. Come to think of it, I'm not sure where the charisma comes from. That makes sense, though, because Blakers is unique and that's what we love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. about him. Happy birthday, Bud!
We celebrated *serious* on Blake's birthday. April 2nd happened to fall on spring break. We slept over at Red Rock Resort so that Blake woke up to presents at the hotel. Better mention that we had already eaten out, hit the arcade, and gone to a movie the night before. That morning took us to breakfast, bowling, Kid Quest, and the pool/hot tub (f-f-f-freeezing), another movie, more food...
We threw a friend party a few weeks later. Ethan and Blake both celebrated with friends on the same day. We rented a giant jumpie and did a pinata. That was a recipe for fun in their minds and they were satisfied with just that. Yeah! Two seperate birthday parties in one day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun to Run April 10, 2010

So... the original plan was for Darren to push Nash in the running stroller while he ran with Keaton and Blake in a 1K race. Then Ethan and I were going to run a 5K. As our luck would have it, both Nash and Keaton were up all night with a sudden case of the croup. Here's what really went down- Darren stayed home with the sicklings. I ran the 1K with Blake while Ethan hung out at the start line. Blake did fabulous and was proud of his finisher's medal. Then Blake got a free ride in the running stroller while Ethan and I ran/walk/complained the 5K. I was glad that my boys were excited about doing the race. I hope I can talk them into another one...