Thursday, August 26, 2010

Engineer Ethan

Ethan has an a.m.a.z.i.n.g ability to follow lego/k'nex/bionicles instructions. He does the most difficult assemblies without help. This summer my dining room table has been a permanent place for housing finished products and current projects. I love legos! I love that when Ethan is working on his things, the other kids get into the mood and work along side him doing their own works and creations. This includes Nash! I will snap some more pictures of all the finished works later. For now, enjoy this fine piece of work. PS- I have a home video of this k'nex masterpiece but I can't get it to download. It moves like a double ferris wheel. Pretty cool!

Boy Genius

Keaton just happens to be a are his brothers. What can I say? You say the same things about your kids! He made some great friends at preschool this year. He was always excited to go to Miss Kristina's, knock on the door, and then hide behind his hands until the door opened. Then he'd laugh and walk in without looking back for a second. Every day he skipped to the car when getting picked up...I'm so glad he had a fun place to learn where he also felt safe and comfy-wumfy (as he'd say). He is returning to the same preschool with mostly the same kids this year.

These pix are taken at his graduation. When it was his turn to stand next to Miss Kristina and have a few words said about him, I wasn't surprised to hear that he was class clown- always getting a laugh. He is a bright boy and he really does amaze me with his memory and his ability to absorb new things. Well done, Mr. Keaton!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Easter 2010

What? So school is about to start and I haven't even posted any pictures of our wicked-fun summer! As usual, I am so sad to see another summer end and send the kids away for half of the day. You know, I'll miss the near-constant teasing/whining. And if it's not a loud "not get along" moment, then it's a loud "get along" moment. Not to mention the awesome forts, traps made of mile-long yarn, lizards living in my house, wet swim suits on the carpet, going through 20 towels a day... ahhh, I can go on and on. So I will try and post a few things each week until I catch up. "Why do I even blog?", I ask myself. To preserve my memories and share them with those who care (thanks for reading, mom!).

Easter is so great here in the middle of the vast desert. The weather is great and there are a lot of community events to enjoy. We decided to go to an outdoor mall and play. There was no way we were waiting in line for the egg hunt- 3 hours! Luckily, the kids were happy with putt-putt, climbing walls, petting bunnies, and eating a picnic. We also fit in a quick trip to Red Rock. I had to show the kids all the worms that were plastered on every living plant. They would soon be moths/butterflies.