Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am cleaning out my email and I found some pictures that friends have sent me. Some may be repeats, others are new to the blog. The following are from August 2008.

Swim party at our house in August. The kids were getting ready to race.

Blakers in the kid's race at the Mt. Charleston Hill Climb

Ethan in the same kid's race.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lovin' My Big Bros

Keaton loves creamy tomato soup, just like Ethan.

In a pair of Blaker's shorts.

Ethan's soccer shorts.

Keaton loves to play with the big boys. He asks where they are every day...and answers his own questions every time. School! He can't wait to play with Blake and eat lunch with him. He tries to sooth his older brothers when they are hurt by saying "it's okay" in a very sympathetic voice. Keaton is also one of his brothers' biggest fans by encouraging them and saying "Good job. I'm proud of you." He has been dressing in their clothes by himself- I think it's a good predictor that he has some neat shoes to fill as he grows up behind some pretty awesome brothers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Break

I was so sorry to see Christmas break come to an end. It's so nice to let the kids just be kids (okay, they still had to endure my designated reading and writing time each day) but then there was nothing but playing with friends and family. I now know what size of bowling shoe to get for the whole family- we became regulars there as we went 3 different times (twice with the Threshers!). We had such fabulous weather! The parks became our friends- imagine me riding my bike with trailer and two older kids on bikes by my side to the park down the street...belly and all. (My mom is going to kill me when she reads that.) I couldn't help but wonder if the people in the cars at the intersections were staring/laughing. One day Ethan spent 6 hours at the park! Joanna and Chris came to Vegas and spent time with many adoring nephews! We hiked, partied (Chris' birthday was the 31st), bbq'ed with the U football game, shopped, and went to Golden Spoon. I'm grateful for an awesome family and great friends!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

After I finished saying the prayer at church, I was walking back to Darren and the boys when Keaton pipes up loud and clear and says: "Good job mom! You did it!"

Then he put his hand up and waited for a high-five.

Usually I feel bad for other people trying to listen and sit by us at the same time. Today Keaton got some chuckles...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

I could hear a little pitter patter early in the morning on Christmas. Ethan was up at 3:15 and we told him to go back to bed. "Should I wake everyone else up for the presents?" Uh, no. Seriously, come back at 9:00. We were lucky to make it to 6:30- actually we made the two older boys lay in bed with us until 7:00 so that Keaton could sleep a little longer. It didn't take long to blaze through the presents...From the Jolly Guy Ethan got Guitar Hero, Blake got Mario Kart for the Wii, and Keaton got a tool set. Man, that Santa is one talented craftsman. Darren and I gave Keaton a trampoline for the backyard and Blake and Ethan got electric go karts. Unfortunately, the go karts are back ordered so we had to wrap some hot wheel cars and explain. Besides these things, our house is flanked in nerf guns and darts, remote control cars, and lots of balls...thanks to grams and gramps and other family members. We had a great day of just being together. This time of year is so addicting!