Sunday, June 22, 2008

Disney Addicts

How did I miss getting these pictures up? Another Disney trip...truthfully I'm getting them all mixed up. This time we stayed at the DL Hotel so we did do a few new things. The boys had fun driving the remote control boats at the hotel grounds. Then we splurged and had dinner outside the hotel room at Goofy's Kitchen. This was yet another reminder that our kids are not that excited about buffets and dressed up characters. They want to get to the hard core stuff...upside down rides, cotton candy, roller coasters. We followed this trip up with a stay at the beach with some friends at Oceanside. Next time I vote we stay longer at the beach and less time with Mickey. Don't tell Darren I said that.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SGTRI 2008

I hadn't done a triathlon since before I got pregnant with Keaton. It was long overdue... I was signed up to do the St. George Tri so even though I hadn't swam very much in almost 3 years (wow!) I decided to still do the race. It was Fathers and Sons weekend so Keaton and I got to spend time with G and G Bryan in St. George while Darren went to the mountains with Ethan and Blake.
The day of the tri was cold and WINDY! Long story short, my behind was saved because the swim portion got canceled just before our group was to get into the white capped water. My race was just the biking and running- both of which I think are divine. It was nice to be around that atmosphere again but, truthfully, I felt like a bigger girl driving to Utah all by myself (with Keaton) in Darren's car.

Ethan has been busy...

The end of the school year has come and gone! Ethan flew through 1st grade with a lot of growth and learning along the way. His teacher, Mrs. Knowles, is awesome and was a perfect fit for Ethan. He is an exceptional reader (chapter books and 100 words per minute when tested) and also does very well with math. He ended the year with a smashing report card (straight A's). Ethan is a "social boy" according to his teacher and had his fair share of warning letters sent home over the course of the year. I guess if I had to choose an obstacle to get over it would be a child who is friendly and likes to play. Come on, he's 7!

Another place that Ethan has a hard time sitting still is piano. I'm not kidding when I say that it is borderline painful to be at piano lessons with him at times. It's like he is bursting with energy and absolutely can't handle sitting still for that long. I'll give it to him, it is a long lesson- 1 hour. There are times when he has to get up and do jumping jacks! He has taken to piano like a duck to a pond, like cheese to a cracker, like a ball to a bat, like...okay, you get the picture. He received a Superior rating at his last festival and was presented with the award at the recital on May 31st. He is a performer- he will mess around and play things too fast at home but when it comes time to present he is settled and he aims to please.

I'm grateful that Ethan reminds me that he is just a "little kid" (his exact words). We're glad he's ours.