Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

I thought this was a pretty cool... One night I went out to the beach with Blake and Keaton. If you looked toward San Diego you would see the moon coming up. If you looked toward Huntington Beach, you could still see the sun as it was starting to set.

Newport Beach 2009

Another fabulous year on the Newport sand with the Bryan family. We stayed in the same beach house, went to our (same) favorite destinations, and had our SAME fun! *Southern California = Summer* for our family. We get to play with our cousins and enjoy the GooD life! Why isn't Darren in any pictures, you ask? We took turns going out to the beach (Nash napped) and I usually had the camera.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mr. Blake

Nothing. And I mean nothing. NOTHING is safe from being sold by my Blake. He sells candy, sea shells, lemonade, toys, ROCKS. And the scary thing is this: they sell! His latest sale featured all the goods he got from a birthday party that he went to last weekend. When we went to pick him up he was filling (FILLING) his gallon ziploc full of birthday garb. And don't think he wasn't planning his sale all along as he rummaged for more stuff. The next day he wasted no time getting going as he filled the candy stand with candy, the Halloween bucket with toys, and prepped the cash register. He was getting ready to top the $4.50 he made the previous weekend selling candy from the pantry. I don't know what he ended up with, but I'll tell you that he had several patrons and made some dough. I feel like I should issue a heart-felt "sorry" to all the moms on this street who have kids begging them for quarters so they can buy something from Blake. Which brings me to another point. If you are going to come to this store, please bring quarters. Blake prefers those...

ps- the car seat was not for sale. Blake decided it was a good seat to perch on while I washed the cover. Check out the simple set up, though.

Disneyland - August 2009

Another fun-filled DL trip for the Bryans. We make great memories's where Blake broke his arm, Darren got his first official Disney t-shirt after being thrown-up on, Blake getting on all fours to drink from a puddle (few years ago- he likes fresh water now), Ethan going single rider on Cali Screamin', bunk beds, churros...just to name a few.