Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween 2009

All my buddies in their 2009 Halloween costumes!

Could he be the cutest shark baby? Ever?

Ethan and his award winning pumpkin. He took first in the third grade category of the pumpkin carving contest. It's a sick pumpkin- including thermometer, ice bag, spots, and a sad face. Ethan made the sign to go along with it. Sweet.

Blake drew his pumpkin face and I cut it. Then to spruce it up we spray painted it gold. It was pretty dang sweet and it was definitely a match to Blake's imagination.

What a great day we had. I took the boys to the park for a picnic. They raced on their bikes, rode down steep grassy hills, and tore the place up a bit. It was fun and I enjoyed getting to take the two older kids and play with them (Keaton, Nash, and I always get to go to the park). Then that night we went to two parties. This picture is of me and the girls at the Francis' party where awesome chili was served and then we trick-or-treated. We love our friends.

Keaton HAD to be the green power ranger. Check out the neck line. If you look closely enough you can see that the fabric is frayed. He didn't even notice and I didn't point it out... he was happy with it. Ah, my little rag muffin.

Ethan at the school parade. If you can't tell, he is an astronaut.

The school was playing Halloween music over the loud speaker and I guess Blake felt an itching in his soul. He started busting out the dance moves out of no where! I have the funniest movie of it and if I ever figure out how to download, I will. It's a treat.

Oh, so Blake. He is such a friendly, class-clowny kind of guy.

No Autumn/Halloween season can go by without a trip to the pumpkin patch- Vegas style.