Monday, April 12, 2010

Never-ending Spoil

My mom always did special things for us on holidays. Green eggs and ham on April Fool's, coloring placemats on St. Patrick's Day, door bell ditch on Valentine's Day, etc... I am finding that I am doing these things now and I have come up with a very serious question: Does it ever end? I was going through photos to post and I had to seriously think about why on earth the kids were unwrapping presents at the end of a treasure hunt earlier this year. What were we celebrating in these photos? I finally realized that the pictures were of the the loot that Cupid had stashed. This was after a jack-pot Christmas and followed by a generous Leprachaun and friendly Easter Bunny. I write this as I am planning their birthday parties that will be held on the SAME day (different times) so that we can take advantage of the ginormous bouncie/slide/obstacle course that we rented for the celebrations. I am to blame for this madness. Some day- and I feel it coming on soon- I will gently wean my little ones off of this spoil coaster and settle in for simple stuff. Wish me luck.