Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's For Dessert?

Do you think Nash could have pica? I thought that was only something that some pregnant women deal with. This child eats dirt by the spoonfuls...literally. He will eat it from a spoon. He will get down on the ground like he is doing a push up and lick it up! Which is what he did when I took these pictures. Hence, the extra dirt around the eyes and nose regions. My favorite is when we get to deal with it coming out the other side.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keaton Turning 4

Keaton turned 4 on July 3rd. This little guy is such a great kid. There are lots and lots of things that I could list about what makes Keaton lovable. I'll name my fave: He is a great friend- he likes to play with friends and he is (most of the time) kind. He is a laugher- he laughs when he's in a good mood, when he's teasing, when he's nervous. He has gorgeous blue eyes- seriously, they are dreamy. He loves to learn- he loves school and he is already learning to read. He's into his muscles- he likes to flex for us, especially after he's eaten a good meal. He "gets it"- sometimes Keaton will tell me something or interpret something that seems difficult and he will be right on about it. We celebrated his birthday for several days...we just couldn't get enough...

We had a pool party at our house with the families of some of his favorite friends. He chose a race car cake. Crazy story- we had to postpone the pool party a few days cause the original date ended up being crazy busy as I ended up at the ER with Nash and at a radiology lab with Blake for a bone scan. Yikes!

Then we went to a swim party at our cousin's house and all of the Bryan cousins were there! We ate a yummy cake and sang to the birthday boy.

And we, of course, unwrapped presents first thing in the morning of July 3rd! I love that Keaton didn't mind that his brothers helped him unwrap the gifts.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bear Lake, Summer 2010

Once again, Mama and Papa Bailey brought on a great family reunion. This summer Gr Bailey found an awesome house in Bear Lake that was big enough for our ever-growing family. We had such a great time. My kids are still talking about it. The grandkid picture was taken outside the front of the house. The inside was very nice and included a basement full of fun: pool table, foosball, ping pong, games, playroom, and movie theater. We played outside all day and saved the basement fun for the evenings and nights when the mosquitos were in full force.

There was a park across the street from the house we stayed at. We spent lots of time over there playing capture the flag, launching water balloons, having water fights, kickball, obstacle courses, and ole fashion park stuff. I think that some of the adults were into the capture the flag games as the kids. That game was definitely one of my most favorite memories of this reunion. After the obstacle course, Gr Bailey had a treasure box full of loot for the kiddos to pick from. Yum, yum- rootbeer flavored chapstick!

The house had a huge backyard. It was the perfect place for catch, frisbee, and letting the kids run without worrying about someone straying. Gr Bailey had packed a gi-normous box of fun things. The kids got to set off little rockets and blow up rocket balloons. The little guys played with bubbles. The perfect day includes playing outside all day long with best friends...I love that my boys think of all of their cousins as best buds even when we don't see them as often as we'd like.

We spent very little time at the actual lake. It was chilly that morning and the water is c-c-c-cold. That didn't throw the kids off at first, but it wasn't long until they were ready to dry off and just play in the sand by the picnic tables.

The area was beautiful to bike and run through. Our family had such a fabulous time and we are grateful for a fabulous family to share time with. We look forward to next summer...