Thursday, March 11, 2010

Has one year SERIOUSLY gone by?

I am a slacker. Nash is now 14 months old and I have yet to show him off in an updated post. What can I say about the world's most fabulous baby? This is a child who can bring a smile to my face no. matter. what! He is a smarty pants and a heart breaker already. I can count on a snuggle with is head on my shoulder. Nash loves to blow kisses, play with his brothers, read books, go outside, play with/look at/mimic doggies, check out birds, throw balls, eat chocolate chips, jump on the "jump jump", and laugh in a devilish tone. He says doggy, book, bye bye, ball, ma ma, da da, blankie, what's that (whas tha) and supercalifragilisticexpealidocious (I told you he was smart)! We love, love, love him.

Emerging Hoops Star

Blake played basketball for the first time this past winter. He had a great time and he did well. The Summerlin league has a great ref that works with the younger players to really teach them, even if it means doing some teaching in the middle of a game. Check out the middle picture of Blake. His entire team is turned, listening to the coach and ref. Blake is looking in the complete opposite direction. There's probably a claw machine in the corner that he is eyeing!

RaNdomNess 2010

A bit of RaNdomNeSs...

I took the kids hiking on President's Day break. Darren had to work so we joined a group of friends and had a great time.

We celebrated Nash's birthday with a trip to California Pizza Kitchen at Town Square (Nash likes the split pea soup there!). This picture is taken at the park at the outdoor mall.

Ethan received his Wolf Badge. Darren took this picture. I think that look on Ethan's face is toward me because they were announcing for me to come forward to get the "Mommy pin" and I wasn't hearing them because I was busy playing with Nash in the audience. Ooops!

FHE at our house is a mix of a bit of singing and prayer, a short and very interrupted lesson/game, and a whole lot of rough housing.