Monday, November 24, 2008


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Ethan did a book report on a book called The Chocolate Touch. He had to create a diorama- he had to pick a favorite scene and then recreate it in a box. The book is about a boy who is selfish and who likes chocolate so much that eventually everything that his lips touch turns to chocolate. Now don't get your hopes up- this isn't common and you have to eat a magic piece of candy from an imaginary candy store. The scene he recreated is when the boys wakes up and brushes his teeth and the paste turns to chocolate. I tracked down a doll house toilet/sink/etc from a friend but Ethan would have nothing to do with "Barbie" stuff. He wouldn't even carry the bag of furniture in from the car! So, since Halloween had just ended, we decided to make the furniture using candy and cupcakes that a good friend had just brought by (thanks, Rachel!). It turned out cute and his teacher was pleased. He did come home a bit upset since his diorama had to be graded first and sent home so that ants wouldn't come! Oh, the price you pay for chocolate...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Them Boots

Who can resist this guy!?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Take A Hike

I was getting the car packed for a Halloween day hike up at Red Rock when Ethan came to me and told me that he felt like something had bit him on the neck. The kids are always trying to catch bees and bugs so it didn't surprise me. I looked, though, and didn't see anything. He kept grabbing his neck and within 10 minutes he was beside himself is pain. He couldn't even get him into the car when I was trying to get him to the doctor's office. We were sent by our doc to the ER for testing...his doc later called me and said that she had been really worried since Ethan could barely move his neck when we got to her. After a long morning/afternoon at the hospital we were released with some codein and a really sad boy...all due to a serious neck spasm. Who even knows what set it off! Ethan sat all day holding his neck and crying. We had invited some friends over for a chili dinner and trick-or-treating, so his mind was diverted a bit that night. Darren pushed him around in a stroller so that he could be part of the festivities. The next day he was still in pain and crying on and off until dinner time. At that point things seemed to get less sore so that by the third day he was just stiff. I should have gotten a picture of him from behind. His shoulders sloped and his upper back bone was curved off to the side. Luckily, now a week later, he is back to riding his bike and playing like before. Curse you, neck spasm.

Howlloween 2008

Halloween is quickly becoming one of my most favorite holidays. Here are a few of our highlights- in random order.

Ober had it's annual pumpkin carving contest. I'm not kidding when I say that I've had an idea in my head since last year's contest. Neither kiddo went for it, though. Ethan did GI Joe since he was dressing in army garb. Blakers chose the UFO idea. Both boys took home a prize- first (Ethan) and third (Blake). Keaton had to get in on the deal and paint a pumpkin. He had to pose on the counter like that after he saw Blake do it. Ethan's got the gun cocked and ready to fire...

I only posted these after being bugged by all of the elaborate things that my friends bake/cook/sew. I'm sick of it. How do you like my border-line WT cooking. There's nothing wrong with canned croissant rolls wrapping a hot dot like a mummy...the 5 and 7-year-olds like them.

Halloween-Eve was a busy day...Keaton's music class costume party and the school parade. Ethan came walking out of his room in full salute. I swear he planned that on his own. I love that Blake was happy being a soccer player...without shin guards, socks, or cleats. Keaton reported that he was a nice spider- as opposed to a spooky one.

Ward Trunk-or-Treat. Blake is with his good friend River. Ethan is with Sam and Steven. Keaton was as cute as ever telling everyone "happy Halloween" while getting the goods.

I totally know what I want to be next year already. I'm not kidding. And, I have a few ideas for the pumpkin carving contest.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I won't give too much detail here, but this is Blake getting prepped (picture below) for his special procedure last month. I've said it before and I'll say it again...out of my three boys he is the one that takes sickness with serious strength. I have to say that when he woke up from the anesthesia he looked and acted so sweet. I wanted to bottle it all up because it is rare that he wants to hug and be cuddled. He has given us frequent updates on his healing and is proud of his body for getting better. The above picture is of him in the car when leaving the hospital showing off his IV bandaid.

Blakes first field trip!!! He was so excited to ride the school bus to the Gilcrease pumpkin patch. I was helping Ethan's class that day so Darren went with him on this outing! What a great pops! He picked out a great pumpkin and also got some home made apple cidar from the gardens there. If you look closely you can see his sweetness black eye. Just getting ready for Halloween, I guess.
Side note: Look at the third picture of Blake standing in line. Check out the prego in the background. Are you kidding me with that lady's belly? I know that I should keep my mouth closed considering my current state but, yikes. Maybe she's just smuggling a pumpkin out of the garden.